This is a breakdown for the Futur Football club 2050 Tv show.
This video focuses only on the stadium shots.

Breakdown by: Antoine Ponsart.

2050 future football club is an fictional Tv show.
Length: 52minutes
SFX shots: nearly 230
client: Canal +
Role: VFX supervisor

Directors: Nobrain
Production: Julien Rigoulot
PostProduction house: Tetsuo
VFX supervisor: Antoine Ponsart
2D supervisor: Lenaic Favard
PostProcution manager: Benjamin Bridet
TD: Jérome Oliveras
Tracking Artist: Clément Choblet, Jérome Oliveras
CG artists: Antoine Ponsart, Jérome Oliveras, Nour Chameseddine, Clement Choblet, Jérome Nguyen Kim, Dylan Verron, Ludovic Manoni, Mike Pechberty
Digital copositors: Lenaic Favard, Antoine Ponsart, Vincent Dudouet
Motion design: Davide Mendes, Hervé Champeaux, Sylvain Lefebre, Mathieu Foucher
Matte painting: Carole Chanal
2D artist: Sophie Rivière, JR, Mike Pechberty, william labory

VFX supervisor

Tetsuo, Canal+

April to September 2016